Introducing Exhaustive Banking and Payment Services for Every Business.

Business Banking is live on Bloc. We're excited to introduce rich banking functionalities for businesses, making it even easier for you to thrive.

Starting and growing a business is hard.

Everyday at Bloc, we are privileged to power the dreams of businesses of all sizes, allowing us to witness firsthand the incredible resilience that business owners demonstrate in the face of challenges.

We are committed to providing financial services that make starting and growing a business easier. We have developed powerful technology and tools that provide entrepreneurs and businesses access to financial services like bank accounts, fast transfers, virtual cards, selling, and payments with payment links, etc., without writing a single line of code.

We take pride in seeing business owners defy the odds and build their dreams, and today, we are excited to introduce richer banking functionalities for businesses, making it even easier for them to grow and thrive.

The Better Way to Do Business

Building a business is hard, but accessing banking and payment features to grow your business shouldn’t be.

That's why we have worked hard over the past few weeks to improve the Bloc Dashboard experience, making it easier for small and large businesses like yours to enjoy exhaustive business banking services from a simple-to-navigate dashboard.

With Bloc, you no longer have to physically visit a bank to get a bank account in your business name or get paid across countries.

Here's what you get when you bank your business on Bloc:

1. Open an account in your business name

Whether a new or existing business, you can open a bank account in your business name for free — zero opening balance, no maintenance fees, and no hidden charges!

Homepage of the redesigned Bloc Dashboard

2. Create spending accounts

Need multiple bank accounts to track your expenses for unique spending purposes? We designed sub-accounts for you!

Sub-accounts page on the Dashboard

With sub-accounts, your business can get unlimited accounts for any purpose—for example, dedicated accounts for salaries, savings, investments, travel expenses, social media ads and anything else you can think of.

3. Lightning-Fast Transfers

Transfer money to any bank in Nigeria and let customers transfer into your bank account almost instantly.

4. Manage your staff payroll with Bulk Transfers.

Bulk Transfers allow you to send money to up to 1000 people simultaneously. You can pay your staff or vendors without wasting hours entering their bank details individually and ditch the extra expenses you spend on your payroll system.

All you need to do is upload a spreadsheet containing their details and the amount you want to send and we’ll take care of the rest.

Bulk transfers on Bloc

5. Pay online with virtual Naira and Dollar cards

Enjoy flexible, secure virtual Naira and Dollar Cards that work (yes, we checked!) for domestic and international transactions.

How flexible? You can issue as many virtual cards as you want for different purposes or in team members’ names. No hidden charges!

Cards page on Bloc

6. Sell online with Payment Links.

Our payment links are the most reliable way for your business to sell online, get paid friction-free and ditch payment downtimes from your favourite providers.

With payment links, you can create multiple self-hosted payment pages for your business in less than 5 minutes simply by:

  • Creating a link
  • Including your product's description
  • Sharing the link with your customers.

Payment links page on Bloc

Your payment links allow you to accept your payments with Cards, bank transfers, QR Codes and Wallet and get automatic settlement within 24 hours. You will be able to track all your transactions, orders and customer information on your Bloc Dashboard.

7. Pay your bills and earn cashback.

TV, airtime/data, electricity bills? Pay your bills and earn up to 3% cash back on each transaction or start your own bills payment business directly from the Bloc Dashboard.

Cashback earned tab of Bloc Bills Payment

8. Assess your financials with Business Reporting

Say goodbye to manual reconciliations and paperwork forever!

Now you can understand how your business is performing by visualising your business’s financial health on the reporting tab of the Bloc dashboard—view real-time financial reports, get instant notifications, and get 24/7 support from our Customer Success team.

Reporting page of the dashboard

9. Smooth Banking and Payments Operations

You can add your team members to carry out financial transactions from your Bloc Dashboard, limit their access level and protect your business against fraud.

Add a team member to your dashboard

What Does This Mean for You?

We want to make the financial aspect of your business easier. With Bloc, businesses get complete access to superior banking tools to grow while having more control over how they manage their finances with the updated interface of the Bloc Dashboard.

That’s not all; this also means your business can now:

  1. Establish credibility and professionalism and access more business opportunities by separating your personal and business finances with a bank account in your business name.
  2. Create a new revenue stream when you start your own bills payment business or POS Terminal (coming soon) agency with Bloc. You can also start to bank yourself and your staff and save expenses on bank charges.
  3. Grow beyond borders, when you pay globally with your expense cards and start accepting secure online payments in Nigeria with your payment link.
  4. Stay on top of your business finances right from one dashboard, control your team’s spending and protect your finances from business fraud.

On the other hand, Developers and Technical teams can continue to access our API infrastructure by enabling “Developer Tools” on the Settings page of the dashboard and visiting our API Docs.

Read this article to learn how to use Developer Tools.

How to Get Started with Bloc Business Banking

Whether your business is registered or not, opening a Bloc Business Account is as easy as pie. Visit our website to create your Business Account in five minutes and experience the ease of building your dream business.

Please visit our updated pricing page to learn more about our transaction pricing.


  • How safe is my money with Bloc?
    Your funds are 100% safe with us, as Bank accounts on Bloc are powered by CBN-licensed and NDIC-Insured banking partners.
  • How do I know I can trust you?
    Bank accounts on Bloc are powered by CBN-licensed and NDIC-Insured banking partners and our Virtual cards are powered by Verve and Mastercard.

  • How much does it cost to open a Bloc Business Account?
    Opening a Bloc business account is free. No minimum balance, no maintenance fees, and no hidden charges.

  • My business is not registered with the CAC. Can I open a Business Bank Account?
    Yes, you can.

  • How long does it take to open an account?
    Less than five minutes. However, verifying and upgrading your business from Starter to Registered business may take up to 24 hours.

  • What details must I provide to create a business account on Bloc?
    Your Email address & phone number.

  • Can I open multiple account numbers in my business account?
    Yes, you can. With sub-accounts, you can create as many current bank accounts as possible under your main account and instantly access their account numbers.

Need any help?

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