Security at Bloc.

Bloc is compliant to the highest standards of security possible within where we operate.

Air-tight compliance via regulated partner banks.

Our API infrastructure and banking services are compliant to the highest global security standards. We hold PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certifications as proof of this.

You are safe 24/7

We constantly monitor our systems for any anomalies. We also work with independent auditors for internal/external penetration tests and other security scans.

Secure log-in and transfers.

We use two factor authentication to protect your account, and PINs to verify your transactions. This means only you can move your money out of an account.

You are protected with advanced fraud detection tools and policies.

Our automated fraud detection system and dedicated fraud team protect you from fraudulent transactions and illegal activities.

All bank accounts are required to perform KYC.

We do not complete an account opening without the necessary Know-Your-Customer requirements as required by financial regulations. This lets us ensure that only real, verified people use Bloc’s products and services.

Real-time notifications.

Every time you log in or a transaction is made on your account, you get a notification.

Track everything going on in your organization.

Use audit and transaction logs to track every transaction/action happening in your organization. We monitor everything for you.

Start with a Bloc business account.

Whether you need simple banking and payment features or advanced functionalities, Bloc offers simple and reliable banking services as you scale.