Banking services for passionate founders & business owners.

Businesses of all sizes — SMEs and startups — use Bloc to control how they earn and spend their money.
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All banking and banking-as-a-service solutions are powered by CBN-licensed and deposit-insured banking partners. Here’s how it works.

Bring your business together in one place.

Create a business bank account in your business name.
Create a Bloc business bank account in your business name.
Get automatic access to virtual Naira & Dollar cards for your online spending.
Request for virtual NGN & USD Bloc corporate cards
Accept online and in-person payments, and track them in one Dashboard.
Accept online and in-person payments and track them on the Bloc Dashboard/

Trusted by brilliant startups and businesses.

Businesses of all sizes bank and build with Bloc.
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Simple banking means better banking.

Set up your business account in 10 minutes.

Open a business account in minutes. Zero minimum balance. Zero account opening fees. Zero account maintenance fees.
Set up your business account
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Multiple store locations?
Sync all of your payments into one place. Create unique account numbers for payment collections that settle in one bank account.
Easy deposits, and reliable settlements.
Your Bloc business account is the ultimate way to manage your business cashflow, save money and spend the rest of the time minding your business.
Invite your teammates.
Invite your team to join you, and track every activity and transaction that happens on your Bloc account.
Multiple store locations?
Easy deposits, and reliable settlements.
Invite your teammates.

Move money when it matters.

Transfers on Bloc means the days of “have you received it?” are over. When it matters to confidently move money for your business, you can bank on Bloc. For inventory payments, salaries, petty cash and more.
Explore transfers
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Send money to 1000+ accounts at
Batch your payments for up to 1,000 Nigerian bank accounts. Just upload a spreadsheet for each transfer and we’ll handle the rest.
Schedule one-off or recurring transfers without breaking a sweat.
Choose a future date for your transfers, or automate repeat transfers on your Bloc account. Do it once, and never worry about it again.
Confidently move money when
it matters.
You can bank on Bloc for inventory payments, contractor invoices, salary payments, petty cash, etc.

Pay securely with virtual NGN/USD debit cards

Generate hassle-free corporate debit cards and save money. Give your team their own debit cards to use and set spending limits on each card.
Spend online with Your Cards
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Create spending cards for your employees.
Issue global and local cards for expense management, online payments, reimbursements, travel, and bill payments, all from one dashboard.
Pay for your SaaS business tools.
Pay for your business’s online Dollar SaaS subscriptions at zero transactional fees, e.g. Google, Dropbox, Online Ads, and more.
Use Verve NGN card to pay online, locally and internationally.
Make online payments with your virtual NGN card (powered by Verve) on gateways like Paystack, Flutterwave, Google Pay, and more.

Earn up to 3% cashback on all bills paid for via Bloc.

Buy airtime/data, pay electricity bills, and renew TV subscriptions from your Bloc Dashboard.
Explore Bills Payment
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All your banking & payment operations in one place.

Scale your team’s financial operations.
Create and name dedicated spending accounts for any purpose with 100% control over how they spend with it.
Create cards with custom names.
Segment how you spend across your business by creating cards for different purposes and teams.
Manual reconciliations? Boy bye!
Bloc becomes the single source of truth for all your banking and payments operations.

Take your business everywhere. Get paid any time.

Get paid faster with Payment Links.

Create a payment link in three easy steps. Name the link, add a price, and a description. That’s it. Accept online payments in seconds.
Explore Payment Links
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Customize your Checkout page.
Choose from up to 5 payment methods to accept payments from your customers — at a click of the button.
Track all payments.
See all transactions, orders and customer information on the Bloc dashboard.
For one-time or recurring payments.
You can create payment links and embed in your online invoices, or use it to sell your digital items quickly online.

Collect payments in-person, via card or bank transfer.

An all-in-one point-of-sales device for instantly accepting payments from your customers for your business. Confirm payments and print receipts instantly.
Request a POS Terminal
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Set it up in 5 minutes.
Request your POS terminal and automatically get it activated on your Dashboard. Create an operator profile and login instantly to start accepting payments.
Unified transaction data.
See all of your transaction data, online and offline, in one place. Gain access to nimble information about every transaction processed on your terminal.
Multiple stores or cashiers?
See all transactions performed by your terminals on the Dashboard. All payments are automatically settled into your main account balance.
Last-mile delivery & affordable pricing.
You can request for a Linux or Android POS device depending on your budget and get it delivered to you within 7 - 14 working days.

Embed & deploy banking services into your software/app.

Issue deposit-insured individual bank accounts.

Instantly create and issue KYC-compliant virtual accounts to your customers, etc.
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Issue programmable Naira & Dollar virtual cards

Issue fully programmable virtual debit cards in NGN & USD currencies to your customers.
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Launch faster with flexible, easy-to-use APIs.

Building a product that needs a banking service? Bloc’s got you! With our fully programmable APIs, you can offer customers a seamless banking experience — as easy as plug and play.
Go to Developers
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Don’t worry. We beefed up security.

This is real money, and we don’t take it lightly. We’ve taken strict measures to ensure that your money and connection is protected in the best way possible.
How we handle security
illustration of a padlock with security men guarding on both sidesillustration of a padlock with security men guarding on both sides
Bank-grade security
We are PCI-DSS & ISO 27001 compliant. These are global standards of security implemented by the most reliable financial institutions worldwide.
Strict compliance rules
We have strict business verification rules regulated by the CBN to ensure that all of Bloc businesses are real and legitimate.
Dedicated fraud & security teams
Our security and compliance team are constantly at alert to keep your money safe.
2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Every log-in attempt into your Dashboard must be verified via a one-time use PIN sent to your own email.

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@buildwithbloc will not stop to amaze me. A lot of techies and businesses are sleeping on this one. Bloc offers limitless financial services with the best ease-of-integration in the market.
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I can attest to that. Launching v1 of @getnelsa, powered by @buildwithbloc, 1st August
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I wanted a company we could grow with, that was flexible enough to accommodate our needs and feedback. Big, established companies tend not to give you that privilege.

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