Send and Accept Payments Globally with Bloc

Start sending and accepting reliable online payments and in-person payments with Bloc.‍

Businesses in this part of the world see it all when it comes to making and accepting payments.

From transfer downtimes when customers are trying to make payment, to unreliable payment providers and the complexities of accepting customer payments from other countries.

Bloc’s suite of banking and payments tools are built on the foundations of challenges peculiar to the continent’s businesses and are tailored to help these businesses access payments easily.

Send and Receive Payments with Bloc

When you sign up to use Bloc business banking to manage your business, you instantly get access to payment features that enable you to send and receive payments at the snap of your fingers.

With Bloc, you can reliably accept online payments in Nigeria with up to 5 methods and collect faster in-person payments with POS Terminals.

You can also pay your cable TV, airtime, and electricity bills while earning up to 3% cashback and start making secure global payments with USD and NGN cards—all from one dashboard.

How To Accept Payments on Bloc

To receive fast payments from your customers, open a free Bloc business account. Once you’ve completed your account verification, you can start accepting online payments with payment links and offline payments with POS Terminals.

  1. Receiving online payment with Payment Links: Payment links allow you to give your customers different options to pay you with — card, Bank transfer, & Wallet with just a URL Link, and you can create as many payment links as you want.

    To start accepting payments with Payment links, navigate to the “payment links” tab of the dashboard:
  • Click on create a new link, and you will be able to enter details such as the name of the product you’ll be selling with the link, a product description and how much you want customers to pay for the product.
    You can also leave the amount tab empty if you plan to allow multiple customers to pay you for different products with the same link.
  • Now all you have to do is send this link to your customers whenever they want to pay, so they can pay you conveniently.

Checkout page via Payment links on Bloc

  1. Accept offline payment with POS Terminals: Bloc POS (Point of Sale) Terminals allows you to accept card and transfer payments from customers physically present at your stores or locations, giving you a convenient way to process transactions.

    When you use Bloc Terminals to accept payments, you can process transactions faster, track all transactions wherever you are, confirm payments in real-time or add your staff to the dashboard as a POS Operator to confirm payments too.

    To start using Bloc Terminal for your business:

  • Navigate to “POS Terminals” on the Dashboard to request a POS terminal and follow the instructions to make payment for your Terminal. attach screenshot.
  • Enter your shipping details, sit back and wait for your Terminal to be delivered in 7-14 working days.
  • When your POS Terminal arrives, navigate back to the dashboard to activate it. You can also add your staff as POS Operators on the dashboard to accept POS transactions from any location.
  • You will see the real-time payment status of transactions on your Bloc Dashboard/Terminal app no matter how many locations you have assigned a Terminal to.

How to send Payments with Bloc

You can make local and global payments with your Bloc business account.

  1. Virtual Cards: Instantly get secure virtual dollar and naira cards for domestic and international transactions when you sign up on Bloc. With Bloc, you can issue virtual cards for different purposes or team members.

    Bloc virtual cards are reliable, with no hidden charges! Pay for your subscriptions, shop from your favourite global websites and make payments to your vendors abroad with your virtual card.

To get a virtual USD or NGN card on Bloc:

  • Sign up and navigate to “My cards” on your dashboard
  • Click on create a new card. screenshot
  • Choose whether you want a naira or dollar card. Please note that a $1 card creation fee applies for dollar card creation.
  • Once you’ve created your card, you can fund it and view the details by clicking on the card. You can also perform other functions like freezing the card if you notice suspicious activities.

  1. Bills Payment: Conveniently pay your Cable TV- GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES, airtime/data (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE) and prepaid and postpaid electricity bills and earn up to 3% cashback on each transaction.

  • Navigate to “Bills Payment” on your dashboard and choose any bill you would like to pay. Your cashback would be processed into your settlement balance on your homepage, and you can withdraw it anytime.
  • To view cashback earned, navigate to the home page and click on “view commission history.
  1. Bank Transfers: Send money from your Bloc Account to any bank in Nigeria and accept money into your account from banks nationwide.

    To learn about how to make free transfers and send money to up to 1000 people with Bloc, read this article.

Sign up for a Bloc Business Account here to start accepting payments reliably and track all transactions in one place.

*Your money is safe with us. Bank accounts on Bloc are powered by CBN-licensed and NDIC-Insured banking partners.

**Virtual cards are powered by Verve and Mastercard.

Toluwanimi Olubanke